Contract 3D Laser Scanning Measurement Services

Contract Measurement Services


When we remove the constraints imposed by conventional measurement technologies, the scope of applications becomes virtually limitless. While much of our work is in reverse engineering and product inspection services, there are so many other uses of our 3D measurement data. Design, documentation, visualization, simulation and manufacturing are just the beginning.

Design & Engineering
Inspection & Analysis
Art & Architecture



We learned decades ago that there isn’t one single technology that can do everything well. That is why we stock our toolkit with a wide array of portable measurement technologies. If you need a few million points measured from a distance of a few inches, we can do that. Millions of points at 900 feet, we can do that, too. For each project, we will select—and possibly combine—the best technologies from the following classes:

Non-contact measurement (scanning)
Contact measurement (probing, digitizing)
Long-range scanning


Outputs & Deliverables

Capturing millions of measurements is just the beginning. To make that data work for you, we transform it into anything from a simple mesh to a fully-parametric, 3D CAD model. But before you tell us what output you need, let’s discuss your goals. We will help you select the right output for the job, which can save a lot of time and money.

3D Digital Models
Reports & Analysis
Animations & Illustrations



For many years we have offered contract measurement services to industrial, manufacturing and construction companies. We have scanned, probed, analyzed and inspected all varieties of manufacturing items and physical structures. And we have extended our services into new, emerging and growing applications in non-traditional industries. Examples include:

Power Generation/Nuclear
Art & Science




If you have purchased your own measurement system or plan to process our scan data to create your own 3D models and inspection reports, Exact Metrology can provide the training to get you on your way. Customizable training programs can be performed at your facility or at our Cincinnati, Ohio center.

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