3D Scanning Services for Art & Architecture

“Art and architecture” doesn’t even begin to cover the broad spectrum of 3D scanning applications outside of design, engineering, inspection and analysis. We have scanned and measured a vast array of physical objects made by nature, man and machine. Remove the constraints imposed by conventional measurement technologies and the scope of applications becomes virtually limitless.Like to see some examples from our 3D scanners? Check out our library of downloadable files and reports.If you need to detail, document, define, display or duplicate any creation, our talented team can transform it into the digital realm through our contract measurement services.

Below is a partial list of the possibilities.

Artistic design

  • Hand-crafted models
  • Organic shapes
  • Busts and sculptures

Historic preservation

  • Museum collections
  • Ancient artifacts
  • Contemporary treasures
  • Antiquities archival

Computer animation and special effects

  • Gaming characters, hand-crafted
  • Gaming characters, real people
  • Animated movies

Photo-realistic renderings

  • Product presentations
  • Packaging graphics


  • Scale-models
  • Duplicates for study

After you tell us your requirements, we will recommend technologies and a suitable file format to meet your project’s goals. In some cases, we may recommend a combining our short-range, non-contact scanning and PCMM systems with our long-range, laser scanning or optical tracking technologies (see our technologies page). But leave that detail to us. For now, focus on what you need to do and contact us to discuss the next step.

For art and architecture applications, a mesh (STL file) is often all that is needed. For other options, please see our outputs and deliverables page. Or, count on us to recommend the best choice.

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